Progress Update – February 2018

A pretty catchy title for this blog post I know….but the reality is…progress is slow!

We’re new to this renovation lark, but frankly I don’t think either of us realised that when we first engaged our architect in August last year, that by February this year we’d still be in the ‘planning phase’…there’s so much more to do with regards to admin and planning before ‘breaking ground’ than either of us anticipated.

If I’m honest, it’s testing my patience….I know that detailed planning now will put us in a better position later down the line, but honestly – I just want to chose a kitchen ok…!

On a serious note, it’s been a relatively steep (and interesting) learning curve for us so far…and like many things in life, there seems to be an abundance of information available on line, but getting simple answers from industry professionals is proving trickier than one would like. 

So where are we up to…and “what’s next” as our friends keep asking….as of right now…I’m not quite sure what’s next, so far we’ve;

  1.  Instructed an architect, had plans drawn up, changed our minds several times….and submitted plans (from instruction to planning consent took 6 months)…would we use an architect again for this type of project? To be discussed…and perhaps another blog post on that
  2.  Reached out to a number of builders, inviting them to discuss our plans and quote for the work (this is still on-going…and so far has taken 2 months to get 3 quotes)
  3.  Reached out to a structural engineer who is highly recommended and therefore has a rather long waiting list to work out required steels and any other structural reinforcements…I envisage another 2-3 weeks before he can even come out to see us
  4.  Reached out to both private and council based building regs for a quote….still trying to understand exactly what we need here…..

So progress is happening…but progress is slow…and we haven’t even started thinking about logistics, if and how we will live on site, waste disposal….and most importantly what we can afford and when…

We watch the likes of Property Ladder and Grand Designs and think…crikey…it can’t be that hard, but you know what, getting a project like this off the ground takes far more time, consideration (and money) than you’d think…

Don’t even get me started in budgeting for a renovation….we’ll do an updated blog post on that when we actually know what our budget is looking like and what we can do for it…!

That’s the update for now…we’ll be trying to film and blog as the project gets going…so please stick with us until the project gets underway for some more interesting content…! 


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