Let the Carnage Commence!

It’s been far too long since I wrote on here…it’s been a manic few months, and it’s about to get a whole lot more crazy!

After months of contacting, quoting and refining our requirements, we’ve finally decided on a builder – and we’re really pleased and confident in our choice. We had over 4 builders come to view the property and quote for the work that we need doing, and straight off you could tell who seemed more invested and interested in taking on the job! I’ll do a separate blog about choosing a builder, but for now I am delighted to say that we feel we’ve chosen wisely and we can’t wait for work to commence…in the next few weeks!

So building work starts on 23rd April 2018, and I am thinking we’ll probably do a video diary/log of progress, emotions, and the general journey, as well as trying to document the how’s, the why’s and all those things that are often shown in house build/renovation programmes….any suggestions of specific things that you want to see please feel free to comment in the comments box below!

That’s it for now….just a quick update. For regular photo updates follow us on Instagram!

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