Live-in Renovation. Just a little bit of dust…

Planning permission granted…builder selected…it’s all systems go, and friends and family are excited to see you your progress!

It’s likely to be those same friends and family…and probably your builders who will make all sorts of comments about the dust too. If you’re anything like me, you’ll internally roll your eyes and think “yup, got it, it’s going to be dusty. I’ll use dust sheets, hoover and clean and just embrace the dust, it will all be fine”.

Well, let me tell you….you can mentally prepare to embrace the dust, but the reality WILL be far….FAR worse than you initially imagined.

It may start with a wall (or 2…or 5) coming down, and yes that is one of the worst jobs when it comes to dust creation. It creates that horrible fine builders dust that just gets everywhere….you may put plastic screening up, seal doors, out dust sheet on things and all that jazz, but believe me, you’ll still have a layer of dust on everything, everywhere!

For us, we live in an old 1960’s bungalow and we’re living in while every single part of the house gets ripped apart and started again. We’ve so far left out bedroom alone as much as possible (asides from opening up a doorway to go in to an e-suite), and yet on returning from a two week holiday in the Canary islands, there was without doubt grit in the bed!

The builders have come and gone (we are in week 16….they left after week 7 as they were only doing main structural bits)…2 of those weeks have been spent tanning and chilling on holiday and now we are back in full flow. Ceilings have come down, floors have come up…any job that creates a tonne of dust…yup we are doing it.

So…how are we coping? Well….I’m not going to lie, it’s a nightmare. Everything you touch leaves you with dry dusty hands, clothes are dusty, food prep areas are dusty, the kettle is dusty. We are sweeping, hoovering and wiping as we go but the reality is – you just have to accept like is going to be dusty for the foreseeable. We’re only week 16 in to what will probably be a 104 week project so all we can do is embrace the dust!

On a side note, I have meant to keep this blog more up to date, but it turns out that trying to blog and/or film while actually being hands on with the renovation is a little tricky!

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