Long Over Due Update – 8 months in!

Well, I had grand ideas for blogging our renovation journey as we went, however…the reality of a DIY, live-in renovation as well as holding down a full-time job means there is little time left for writing!

However, I have been struck down with a unique female strain of Man Flu, which means I am sitting in front of the fire, trying to stay warm (still no heating…more on that later) so it felt like a good time to do a bit of an update. For those that prefer photos over articles…you can check out our Instagram account where we document regularly our progress.

So, we are now in January 2019, and we’ve been living in our major renovation project since April 2018, and wow what a journey it’s been so far. So far, our timeline has looked a little like this:

February 2018 – planning permission granted

March 2018 – x3 builders out to quote (separate article on how to chose a builder coming soon)

April 2018 – June 2018 – Structural work began! The main structural work included; the replacement of a glass/greenhouse style roof to a timber and tile structure, a small extension at the front to allow for lost internal space due to re-configuration, internal wall removal and steel beams to allow kitchen/diner knock through and the removal of a third box room to open up the hallway and change the front door configuration.

June 2018 onwards –  since waving goodbye to the builders, we set to work pulling up insulating and replacing floors, ripping down ceilings and replacing them, sorting waste plumbing for the new ensuite and cloakroom which we will create, tiling, plastering, painting…all for phase 1.

What does Phase 1 entail?

So, we’ve taken to referring to our project by phases, this is largely because we are doing the work ourselves and we need to work on the project in manageable chunks, both financially and workload wise. 

The other element that is determining our phases is our underfloor heating system.  As we are on suspended timber floors here, we have gone for a retro fit system from Nu-Heat. Our system will be split across two manifolds, one that serves the kitchen/diner, utility room and en-suite. The other manifold will serve the lounge, hallway, cloakroom and family bathroom.

So Phase 1 = manifold 1 (kitchen/diner, utility and en-suite) and there has been lots of prep to do to ensure that we are able to lay the UFH system, this has included taking up the existing floors, re-levelling some very unlevel joists, insulating with Celotex and re-laying new floors. 

It’s also involved a full re-wire, lots of water pipe moving, and waste pipe setup. We’ve ripped all ceilings out, removed all loft insulation (as it was full of mouse debris….) and have began putting ceilings back. 

The kitchen floor has now been tiled, the kitchen plastered and painted and we are nearly ready to fit the kitchen (which has been delivered). The utility room has also been tiled and plastered, just painting left to go now and fitout!

Work on the en-suite has began too…

We will keep you posted on phase 1 – which we hope to have finished by the Spring so we can crack on with phase 2….post on what that entails to follow! 


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