Who are Em & Rich

Em and Rich Simkiss are the faces behind The Bungalow Blogger, and the proud owners of the 1960’s bungalow that first inspired this blog! Since meeting way back in 2003 they’ve had a grand plan to buy a ‘house in the country’ that they could modernise and really make their own…after buying and doing up their first property in 2010, they were finally in a position to purchase their ‘dream renovation’ in May 2017 (after a long a arduous conveyancing process….!). The Bungalow Blogger was formed for friends and family to follow their renovation journey!

Em and Rich are West Midlands born and raised and were happily married in November 2014!

Rich Simkiss

In summary, Richard is a full-time Design Engineer at Jaguar Landrover, and a part-time runner and triathlete. He’s also the accountant, brains (and braun) behind the bungalow renovation! His key achievements include running a sub 2:30 marathon (London 2017) and 2nd in age group for the 2017 British Middle Distance Triathalon championships…he’s also pretty handy with a hammer!

Loves; Food, Improving, Films, DIY, Running & Cycling

Hates; Waiting/Queuing, Waste, Small Talk, BS, Trouser Sizing 


Em Simkiss

Emma is a full-time digital marketing recruiter and coffee drinker at Beyond the Book, and a part-time gym bunny, ‘wannabe’ blogger and Instagrammar. Her key achievements include – 3rd on the podium at the Beyond the Book Go-Karting Champtionships…(and a fair few rosettes when she was a competitive dressage rider). She’s also Rich’s biggest fan and supporter, chief tea maker, tool finder, project manager and interior designer for the bungalow renovation. 

Loves; Food, Holidays (sun and snow), Lifting Weights, Animals, Coffee, Interior Design & Country Living

Hates; Procrastination, Poor Service, Anchovies 


Molly & Milo

Are the black and white furry residents of the bungalow. Molly is a cheeky Sprocker spaniel, bred by one of Emma’s closest friends, and Milo is moggy that was bought by Rich for Emma as a surprise birthday present! Molly goes pretty much everywhere with Em and Rich and is the inspiration behind the ‘Doggie Friendly’ section of this blog, you can follow her on Instagram at @molly_the_sprocker_spaniel!